Virtual Assistants For Accounting And Bookkeeping

When you are busy catering to the needs of your customers, you also need to take care of accounting and bookkeeping needs of your office. If you lack resources and do not have a suitable arrangement for carrying out bookkeeping and accounting functions at your firm, you may hire virtual assistants for accounting and bookkeeping from Outsourcing Desk.

Focus on the core areas of your business and leave such tedious tasks on us. As per the needs of your business and the volume of bookkeeping and accounting, we will assign the tasks to one of our proficient and dedicated virtual assistants. Our assistant can offer you accounting services at a rate which is competitive and reduced.

If you choose our virtual assistant for accounting and bookkeeping needs, you may reap the following benefits:

Access to experienced, proficient and highly qualified bookkeepers and accountants

  • cost efficiency
  • Accurate and high-quality accounting work
  • An efficient management of data and accounts
  • Accurate maintenance of records, files, and data
  • Round the clock quality assistance
  • continued services

Our virtual assistants are all proficient at using software like Quicken, Tally, and QuickBooks.

What kind of tasks can we perform?

The team of virtual assistants at our end can perform the following tasks:

  • compute and classify numerical data
  • calculate, check and verify accounting data
  • verify the entry of transactions
  • Prepare invoices and ledgers
  • reconcile statements like credit cards, bank account statement
  • prepare various financial statements like profit and loss, trial balance, and balance sheet
  • make sure that the outstanding bills are cleared on time
  • check the accuracy of postings and figures calculated
  • Why should you take our services?

If you wish to cater to the accounting and bookkeeping needs of your company in the best manner, contact us now.

Where lays our focus?

At Outsourcing Desk, our complete focus is on reducing your overhead costs and expenses. We can dramatically reduce your accounting costs and help you save on the resources. Our clients get a complete assistance concerning accounting and bookkeeping, tax preparation, etc.

Why choose us?

Outsourcing Desk is your one-stop destination for outsourcing a range of accounting and bookkeeping services so that you focus on the core tasks. At our firm, we offer personalized services to cover the scope of bookkeeping. We also give our clients a chance to choose between the services. We act as a virtual back office for our clients and deliver a range of accounting services. From our desk, we offer complete support services, consultancy, and maintenance of accounting. If you outsource the professional services, you will enjoy cost advantages as we help you in cost-cutting. For custom finance and accounting services, you can choose us.

Besides the standard accounting and bookkeeping services, our clients can expect customized accounting reports such that they analyze revenue and expenses in a better manner. We offer customer reports, employee reports, and expense break-up and event analysis report.

To get the entire range of services, call us now.