Should you outsource your live chat operations?

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Live chat is part of your marketing function whether you want it for your business website or E-commerce portal. Online businesses have progressively recognized the value and even end customers than ever are saying it is their favoured communication channel when they are shopping online.

However, it’s not just the software which is involved in this marketing channel; it’s also about the live chat operators who manage it. It sounds effortless, but often straightforward mistakes are being made in managing live chat operations that can turn the particular experience into a failure rather than a chance to enhance your business operations.

Implementing effective live chat operations

Have you considered about the skill-sets of your live chat operators and what to think about when setting them up for your business? Some of the online retailers still believe they can roll out live chat and fit it in around all the other activities that their employees have to accomplish every day.

However, the customer services team are stretched to their limits to handle multiple online inquiries and calls. Even couple of the team members partly work as live chat operators and in between switch to their added work activities as well as daily tasks.

There are many criteria to be considered, but when you think one live chat operator can on average manage multiple tasks and chats a month stretched beyond their work limits as well as skill-sets, it is impractical that the right number of customers would be satisfied or convert through live chat as a marketing channel.

The actuality is that most of the businesses are deficient in the time, resources, money, and expertise to implement efficient live chat operations.

Outsourcing is one of the solutions to this scenario, as you can create your outsourced team utilizing a pool of experts that can promptly be trained as extensions to your present customer’s services teams.

Here are some of the reasons you should outsource your live chat operations

  • Dedicated and skilled operators

    Experienced and devoted live chat operators are required; otherwise, you will not be able to manage the volume of chat requests as well as expected quality business results. If there are no skilled operators to handle your company operations you are likely to end up with unhappy new visitors as well as unsatisfied repeated customers.

    This process is significant as when you are connecting with people in a real-time scenario; you have to handle their expectations cautiously. If a prospect sees the live chat on your site and clicks only to get a message saying no-one is accessible and to send an email with details, they are likely to discard you straightaway and go somewhere else.

    Even of more inferior quality is when live chat operators are logged in, but they don’t respond promptly to a visitor requesting a reply to a query. Your live chat operators have to be accessible when the visitor or prospect customer require them and not just as per the standard business time.

    From an industry perspective, would you like to be proficient in assisting someone buys one of your precious gifts late at night time? Of course yes. Outsourced chat operators from a professional live chat service provider would be accessible twenty-four hours a day.

  • Not just limited to attending the systems

    Live chat operators are required to have added skills to traditional phone or email support systems. They require being swift in reply, use ideal language while speaking or writing, faultless grammar and right punctuations, and project a friendly and supportive tone.

    They need being able to direct a potential customer through to an absolute purchase while at the same time promote and reinforce the company’s brand values.

    With outsourcing the live chat operations, you can depend on the accomplished teams who can then rapidly put up the vital knowledge essential to connect as well as engage with your potential customers.

    The major queries asked through live chat are basic and with time your outsourced team will develop the comprehensive knowledge of your services or products. However, in the early stages, it is essential to work on the required SLAs in relation to live chat queries.

    In these scenarios, if an approaching visitor turns to a hot lead, you can straight away engage him through your present customer support individuals who have better knowledge in comparison to your outsourced team.

  • Cost effectiveness and control

    For many businesses, in particular SME’s, the costs of building an in-house team of live chat operators would be expensive. It is not just monthly salaries, but other costs are also involved in recruitment, employment and the infrastructure costs required to sustain them.

    By outsourcing your live chat team, you can build smooth business operations. Your live chat vendor manages the required services and day to day management, while you can concentrate on acquiring new business deals and increase the flow of revenue coming to the company by increasing satisfaction levels of new as well as repeat customers.

    Outsourcing of live chat operations should not be considered as a cost, but instead, it is an investment that pays instantaneous returns. Even after all the expenses are being paid, you should have an ROI on live chat operations. You will profit with a higher rate of conversions from the live chat with an increase in overall order value.

  • Collaborative approaches from both ends

    To get the best outcomes, you have to know what you are executing. A trustworthy and proficient partner will closely work with you to make sure you work out the best on every level.

    As with any fresh service, it takes time to gain knowledge of the best way to put into practice and attain the needed results. By cautiously choosing a partner for offering live chat services, you will be able to right away benefit from the wide-ranging experience and the understanding of knowing what works most excellently and when.

  • Continuous improvements in outcomes

    Your vendor can offer you the outsourced live chat operators, and most likely also the software needed to make all the things work well. For this, they will receive payments, while you will be focusing on boosting the overall revenues, drive more conversions, streamline marketing support and focus on customer satisfaction.

    But while your time is taken up with the daily operations a high-quality partner company will be able to build a 360-degree view that can assist you to recognize and then steadfast problems about the overall customer experience.

    These could be any criteria or factors; however, your reliable live chat operator company will be in the face line working with the overall user experience problems that can make the complete difference as to whether a potential visitor completes the buying procedure or gives up in between.

    It may also be additional and quick support, such as swiftly resolving issues with your website or portal when they unexpectedly occur.

    The focus of the outsourced live chat operators will be on your website portal 24 hours a day. They will rapidly identify when issues arise and can notify and alert you to any of the concern.

    Beyond that, steady engagement with website visitors will allow the operators to check how to attain the most efficient live chat conversations for your particular products or services.

Some of the downsides of outsourcing your live chat operations

Disruption of brand image

For many organizations, customer service is a significant part of their overall branding strategy. The way they interrelate with leads and prospects, the consideration given to different problems and the close association with customers are a part of that. By outsourcing live chat services some of these fundamentals might get affected which will further affect the company’s brand image.

Loss of required control

When you outsource, you get the benefit of standards being followed however you might go down on control. There is no way you will be walking all the way through your outsourced team every day and give instructions on how to solve the daily issues.

Secrecy of customer data

It is tough to set up a line of conviction where you can be completely confident that your customer’s data is secure with the outsourced service provider. This can be a worrying aspect of recruiting 3rd party providers.

Prior to signing an agreement look for the data security guidelines and workout on some client references of the contracted service provider to know his past work details.

Loss of Culture

Culture individuality and traits are the toughest essentials to put across in the course of outsourced support. It is difficult for 3rd party agency to be able to convey the same precise service that you might do, with your in-house team.

Key Takeaways

Eventually, the decision to outsource should be strategic and not wholly depend on cost reduction. It is vital to ask yourself the question: could the outsourcing company deliver services as good as a service from your in-house team.

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