Real estate virtual assistant

Do you need someone to run your real estate business and prove a helping hand? Hiring just any person will not do. You have to find and hire the right person for the job. But, hiring such a person is time-consuming and an expensive affair. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you get the needed support from a virtual assistant who has specific skills? You may choose a real estate virtual assistant from our end.

We have a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable real estate virtual assistants who offer a range of services encompassing administrative support services. They handle all the tedious administrative and non-core business tasks so that you focus on the important areas to boost your ROI. You may grow your business and focus on high priority works.

Outsourcing Desk specializes in virtual assistants for real estate who cater to agents and brokers, property management firms, real estate investors. They are also experts in telemarketing works. Our experts can easily handle admin tasks.

Thus, the real estate brokers and agents can just focus on closing the deals. If you have no time to train your assistant and lack resources to have an in-house team of assistants, get in touch with us.

Our VA’s are all excellently trained in the field such that you need not train them at all. Our professionals follow a systematic workflow; recommend effective and new working strategies as per their experience.

  • Handle paperwork: The VA for real estate agent can help in filing and managing paperwork
  • Phone support: With our VA, there is no need to attend a single call. Our virtual assistant can follow up with the leads, your renters, and prospective customers.
  • Social media updates: They can also update property-related posts on social media. We can post updates to increase engagement, to update real estate listings on the website.

A range of services you can expect

  • Posting ads: Our virtual assistants can post ads on behalf of real estate agents. They can post ads on Backpage, Craiglist and manage them efficiently.
  • Schedule a meeting: A virtual assistant from our end can schedule a meeting, fix appointments, manage your dates such that you are not overbooked or forget to attend any of the meetings.
  • List Building: They can help in property list building encompassing foreclosures, Probates and FSBO, banker and investor list building including private lenders and small banks. If you hire a virtual assistant, it will be a great help to you as he can perform different lead generation tasks.

So, our VA can perform a variety of tasks to ease your burden. We may update your database in a timely and accurate manner. You will always have complete details of your tenant including the transactions and payment details.

Your chosen VA will answer all the calls and will not miss out on any. They follow only standard and automated workflow processes so that you focus on acquiring your clients.

If your business is concerned with real estate, you may get in touch with us for real estate VA.