Payroll Processing Services

Looking for proficient and high-quality payroll processing services? At Outsourcing Desk, we offer efficient and high-quality payroll processing assistance. Our range of services includes payroll, tax reporting, and tax administration services.

With us, you may fabulously lighten the burden of administrative tasks, increase profits while reducing costs. If you outsource payroll services to our professionals, you can significantly reduce the cost of operating by 50%.

Our range of payroll service will give you access to reliable and convenient payroll processing. Our experts offer a comprehensive range of services to small to large sized businesses. We have great experience in tax filing and payroll processing

How We Carry Out Payroll Processing?

You just need to send us the variable monthly payment particular while we get down to some serious work. We have the team of operational experts to take care of your needs. We do the following:

  • We process the payroll as per the latest legislation updates
  • Process the investment declaration of new joiners while updating that on the HRIS
  • validating various inputs received from the organizations and your previous policies
  • offering you a consolidated report

With us, you may ensure an accurate payroll processing for compliances to Provident Fund, Professional Tax, Labor Welfare and also Employee State Insurance. Get a consolidated monthly reports or challans of remittance from us.


We have core competency when it comes to payroll processing. Having more than 10 years of experience, our team can provide outstanding payroll services to the clients across the globe. You may reduce the burden of administrative tasks with us.

At Outsourcing Desk, we tend to offer customized payroll processing and financial services to meet the needs of our clients. We have great experience in tax filing and payroll processing, and so you are assured of accurate tax calculation. So, get in touch with us to benefit from our expertise.

Payroll service outsourcing will let you enjoy a gamut of services. They include payroll tax return, preparation of payroll reports, checking or processing delivery, 940s, 941s, and preparation of attendance, annual or quarterly tax report preparation, insurance deductions, direct deposit payment and many more.

Payroll processing is time consuming and tedious task. If you outsource payroll processing, you may focus on the core areas of your business. You may save cost and ensure business growth.

When the taxes need to be filed, the load of payroll processing may increase at the end of the year. Outsourcing payroll processing to Outsourcing Desk will offer you more flexibility and greater access to manpower and infrastructure.