Revenue Cycle Managerial Outsourcing Services

Looking to streamline or transform your revenue cycle management processes? Efficient cash flow allows businesses and organizations to enjoy a greater financial flexibility, but it is, seen that RCM process is inefficient. It is fragmented, and so this hinders process improvement, reduces operational

Efficiency and increases cross-organizational costs. At Outsourcing Desk, we are committed to offering you end-to-end and cost-effective revenue cycle management services. We are here to offer you 360-degree billing assistance and revenue cycle management services at a cost which is lenient.

We offer services to physicians, hospitals, third party billing companies. We tend to customize RCM as per the needs of our customers. This way, we increase the revenue of our clients and eliminate the use of inefficient resources.


If you have any special need with respect to RCM, you may talk to our professionals. We are here to offer market-competitive RCM solutions to assist companies and hospitals to streamline the billing and billing collection processes.

Our services

Our range of RCM services are:

  • Medical coding service
  • Patient registration
  • Cash posting
  • Account receivable and
  • Account follow-up
  • Denial management
  • claim submission

Why choose us for RCM outsourcing?

  • At Outsourcing Desk, we have the team of qualified consultants bearing great operational experience in management of healthcare information, patient access, patient financial assistance and several others
  • Our experts have great knowledge of current technology to automate the processes that need to be repeated.
  • Experts bear fabulous process improvement capability in various departments when it comes to supporting revenue cycle.

We apply a wide array of experience and knowledge to deliver the RPM solutions optimized for a specific situation. We have a broader knowledge of how the RCM process tends to intersect with your business. Our process knowledge helps to optimize RCM to its fullest.

RCM Outsourcing Services

Our comprehensive range of RCM outsourcing services includes appointment scheduling, patient registration, verification of pre-insurance. Our team of experts can process accurately the demographic information of patients; register the patient, schedule appointment at the healthcare facility. Appointment scheduling is followed by pre-insurance verification. Our medical coders are all AAPC certified.

Medical documents are all verified and validated by the expert team for quality, reliability, and completeness. We assign the procedure code, diagnose and modify as per the needs and instructions of our clients. Outsourcing Desk processes charge for various specialties and the staffs are trained in rules and regulations of Medicare. When it comes to rules and regulations of managed care, Medicaid, workers compensation, they are trained excellently.

Where Lays Our Expertise?

We have practical, deep industry knowledge in business process outsourcing. Our expertise lies in the following:

  • Our coding team specializes in medical coding and bear all the key certifications for management services. They can handle ICD, data entry, DRG coding and bears a range of coding specialties.
  • Denial management expertise to manage the process of appeals. We can increase the cash flow of our clients and make the business processes more efficient.

In this challenging healthcare environment, your institution should be financially agile. We will ensure that the RCM process is efficient and effective. So, call us now.