Medical Claim Processing Services

The sector of health insurance is getting more and more competitive and newer operating models slowly come into the limelight. In this dynamic business environment, the insurance payers have to sustain efforts in enrolment and marketing, retaining customers, striking the perfect balance between purpose, profitability and their perceived value. You may now outsource medical claims processing to Outsourcing desk and solely focus on patient care to free yourself from the hassles. We are your partner in medical claim processing to help you increase the revenue.

This is made possible since we handle everything concerning medical claim processing. Being a HIPPA complaint firm, our claim processing or claim submission services perfectly fit the medical billing software. Insurance companies tend to reject most of the medical claims. Thus, accurate claim processing is crucial for the providers of healthcare services as they need to get paid for the services.

We at Outsourcing Desk understand how complicated and tedious the task of medical claim processing is. Patient-related information or data must be entered accurately. You have to give complete attention to details, and if there is an error, there can be claim rejection. At Outsourcing Desk, we have experts who know how to use the best medical claim, processing software available in the market. Thus, they can process the claims accurately and in the least possible time.

The various features of our services

Our medical claim processing services have the following features:

  • Accurate data entry of referring physicians, patients’ demographics, and ICD and CPT codes entered into the billing software.
  • We scan the medical documents to detect errors, if any. If there are any errors, we will correct them.
  • Adjudication of clients’ claims to ensure accuracy
  • give you information on the status of the claims
  • submit or file medical claims to the insurance companies
  • follow up with the insurance companies
  • Accurate processing of denied claims and we also tend to re-adjudicate them

Why outsource medical claims processing?

You may be now wondering why you should outsource medical claims processing. By outsourcing medical claim processing, you will enjoy a significant cost cuttings by up to 50%. Other perks associated with outsourcing are:

Medical Care Revenue  Money Recovery Administrative  Medical Claim

Medical Care

  • You may devote more time to the core areas of your business. You may thus provide much better medical care services


  • Claim filing will be done faster, and thus the revenue of the firm can increase by 25%.

Money Recovery

  • When you file claims, everything will be accurate. So, the chance of money recovery from the insurance company is also doubled.


There is no need to bear administrative overheads

Medical Claim

  • You need not have an in-house team of staffs for medical claim processing

When it comes to processing medical claims, we lay utmost attention on intricate details. We first try and understand your business, your goals from a larger perspective. We use the best claim processing software to reduce the time of processing. Our experts comply strictly with HIPPA regulation. For a complete range of healthcare services, get in touch with us.