Hedis Abstraction Service

Accurate HEDIS reporting is important for healthcare providers and plan providers looking to improve the care services, gap closure or patient satisfaction. If you are looking for robust Hedis Abstraction services, you may get in touch with the professionals at Outsourcing Desk. With us, you may succeed easily in HEDIS, in the commercial QRS initiative and also in star ratings of Medicare advantage.

It is critical to measure healthcare performance for a health plan to measure the level of care delivered by the providers, identify various performance gaps and to make the required changes for customer loyalty and ensure a greater customer satisfaction. HEDIS stands for Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set which is a measure used to report on the performance of healthcare plan or the quality of healthcare.

If the health plan has to attain accreditation through HEDIS, it is important to gather data regarding patient care, organize that into specific measures as stated by HEDIS. If you follow best practices in record retrieval, medical coding and managing, medical reporting, you may fabulously streamline your process, improve reliability and also reduce the cost. If you choose Outsourcing Desk for Hedis Abstraction, you may expect the following:

  • Medical record retrieval is the foremost service we deliver for the successful completion of your review process. There has to be accurate coding and record retrieval to complete the process of reviewing. We have a rapid record retrieval system to scale any volume of retrieval request placed by our clients in the fastest turnaround time.
  • We offer auditing of records to make sure that the quality of care meets the criteria set by Hedis.
  • Our Hedis review covers at least 74 measures in all across 8 distinct domains of care
  • We provide scorecard which is patient-specific identified by health payer
  • Perfect reporting is our specialty. We provide a variety of reports available to the health plan. This allows much greater project visibility

Why choose us?

At Outsourcing Desk, superior healthcare is in the DNA and at the back of our hands. We have experts to offer member outreach program assistance and ensure a timely and accurate submission of medical claims.

With our help, you may attain a much higher rating that results in the average of 1.0 uplift. The reason for our immense expertise in Hedis is due to the years of experience in the field. Our expertise lies in analyzing data at 360-degree level. We can help you overcome obstacles:

  • If you fail to submit claims with proper measure, CPT codes, ICD 10, we can help you get over with it
  • if members are not continuously enrolled
  • If the services are not documented properly in medical record of patients
  • In case you fail to meet the required measures

In all the above situations, the experts at Outsourcing Desk can help you out. The obstacles are transformed into benefits. So, you may attain much higher ratings. Our trained abstractors can ensure accurate claims and their timely submission. If you choose us for Hedis Abstraction Services, it will be a win-win situation for you. So, call us now.