Healthcare Account Receivable Services

Account receivable service is an important asset to a lot many healthcare providers. You may outsource healthcare accounts receivable services to Outsourcing Desk as it is a favorable solution. You may accurately manage and streamline the process of account receivable by choosing us. You are sure to access quality solutions at a rate which is favorable. It is now possible to shorten the days in the cycle of healthcare receivable.

We are here to handle your healthcare account receivable services to boost your cash flow, reduce chances of claim denial, turning your healthcare account receivable into money. We can help you tremendously with respect to following up on pending claims, AR calling, finding reasons for claim denial, initiating the collections, offering periodic reports and tracking the remaining receivable by your customers. Being the AAPC certified coders we know the ins and outs of procedural and diagnostic coding.

Our experts are experienced in handling HCPCS coding and are also talented in handling CPT. We are here to code for labs, surgery, various other tests and diagnosis on guidelines of CMS and AMA.


Outsourcing Desk is the best offshore outsourcing provider where the experts aim at recovering the funds in the quickest possible time. Our experts are also there to recruit, reorganize and simultaneously train the staffs so that they efficiently perform their roles and works.

Why outsource healthcare account receivable service?

Account receivable encompasses several things like management of reports in insurance, write-offs, collection analysis, bad debt review and several other things. You have to continuously analyze the insurance contracts to make sure that the healthcare providers are correctly reimbursed. Delay in the collection and outstanding claims place a lot of administrative strain on the organizations. Most of the times, the insurance companies tend to deny the claims. On the other hand, federal regulation has also become a lot more stringent. So, the healthcare organizations are under the pressure of constantly following up with appealed or denied claims. Any incomplete date in the form or incorrect entry leads to the claim denial. This is the reason why you should outsource receivable services to Outsourcing Desk. We may help you deal with the account receivable in an efficient manner.

What services can you expect?

At Outsourcing Desk, we offer a plethora of services. They are:

  • Follow-Up of the pending claims, initiating collections, tracing out reasons for claim denial, tracking the outstanding receivable balance, finding the exact date when the payment is due. We prepare periodic reports on receivables accordingly
  • We can fabulously increase your cash flow and reduce expenses in several ways
  • The better operation is assured if you choose us for account receivable services. We will offer proper guidance to the healthcare personnel to monitor accurately your progress.
  • Account receivable recovery services are offered here. Our skilled team of staffs can identify the issues in billing operation.
  • Account receivable reports are provided to the customers that detail collection progress and payments.

For a complete range of account receivable service, you may get in touch with us.