HCC Coding Services

Hierarchical Condition Category Coding is the crucial factor determining reimbursement benefits for the plan relating to Medicare Advantage. It makes use of ICD diagnostic codes used as a primary indicator for indicating the health condition of the patient. Outsourcing Desk offers HCC coding services for a higher SLA performance and much better accuracy in medical billing.

Our services may offer your practice a complete peace of mind. Since the year 2004, HCC coding is used by Medicare to calculate payment towards health plans and to the healthcare providers. For clean claims for medical practitioner practices, an accurate coding and Medicare Advantage or MA is required.

Outsourcing Desk is the leading provider of Hierarchical Condition Category and risk adjustment services to assist the medical practitioners to attain a greater return on investment on their healthcare practices.We have more than 15 years of experience in the realm of medical billing and coding. 

We offer a complete risk assessment services to help submit an error-free claim. When we are there for HCC coding, you may focus solely on providing quality healthcare services to the patients.We at Outsourcing Desk are updated with latest coding needs and are also ICD-10 ready.

You will be surprised to notice the pricing which is cost effective and market competitive. We charge you 50% less than what is charged by others.

Our comprehensive range of HCC coding solutions

HCC or Hierarchical Condition Category is that category of health condition which maps to the group of ICD 10 and ICD 9 diagnosis codes. We have the team of highly skilled coders to assign perfect medical codes to document care or record accurate diagnosis on the chart. Our code determination relies upon five basic diagnostic coding sources that are accepted by CMS like hospital inpatient, hospital outpatient, secondary hospital inpatient, non-physician trained clinically and physicians. Some of the comprehensive coding solutions are stated below:

Chart Review

Preparation of audit summary reports

HCC validation via RADV auditing

A report for embedded, missing or suspected codes

Our coders are all trained in using the most popular coding software like NextGen, Allscripts, eClinicWorks, Practice Fusion and many such.

Why choose us?

You must choose us for HCC coding services for the following reasons:

  • A comprehensive retrieval of records
  • A skilled team of QA experts
  • Custom turnaround time
  • Services in compliance with HIPAA
  • Quality assurance

We will not bind you to any long-term contract.

Affordable coding services from Outsourcing Desk

Our coders are experts in various aspects of coding. The insurance company can also take our services to determine the medical needs of the patients shortly. Our coders have at least 10 years of experience in coding. Aligned physicians may maximize the revenue with us. In the past few years, we have served many insurance companies. In the recent years, great changes have taken place in the realm of data coding, data collection, and medical billing. We offer services at affordable rates.

In this era of rising medical costs, it is important to concentrate on HCC coding. Get in touch with us now.