Invoice Processing Services

Whether you are a B2B business or B2C business, invoice processing is an extremely crucial task. It is essential to attain a high efficiency in the task of invoice processing, and it takes a lot of time, effort, and resources. Accurate invoice processing plays an essential role in the realm of company’s future as it affects customer satisfaction level and your company’s ranking.

Regular accurate invoicing can benefit the organization, and so you should outsource invoice processing. From the past 15 years, Outsourcing Desk is offering organizations and companies with custom invoice solutions for automatic handling or processing credit notes, preparation of supplier invoices, recording account payable information.

To offer the best invoice processing services, we make use of automated software for invoice identification along with online invoice approval and workflow for accurate and fast processing of invoices. Being a highly acclaimed invoice processing company, we have served more than 200 customers and processed 1lac+ invoices.

  • Customized invoices to accelerate work performance and reduce overhead costs.
  • Automated invoice processing to reduce errors and ensure a complete accuracy of every entry.
  • Everything will be entered accurately whether it is vendor ID, line item or important dates.
  • You may regularly check invoice reports and see the status of your invoice.
  • We can help in the reconciliation of summary statements
  • We also reconcile the processed invoices with the account balance of vendors.

Hi-tech invoice processing software

If you outsource invoice processing to us, you will gain access to high-tech invoice scanning technology. We will employ the best software in the market to process your invoices accurately. With the help of invoice processing automated software, we tend to capture invoices efficiently, account payable and also translate invoices, classify them accurately. The data is entered finally into the financial system.

If you are in the hunt for an experienced provider of invoice processing services, get in touch with us. Invoice processing has been intensive as things were done manually. Invoice processing can impact the bottom line of your business, and thus accurate invoice processing is mandatory. With our invoice processing, you may avoid errors, respond to vendors’ queries promptly and efficiently match the purchases with orders.


We can offer you the following invoice processing services:

  • purchase order matching with the invoices
  • validating data for accuracy, value and correct code
  • Check cashing and handling
  • extracting complete information from header and line items
  • detailed scanning of paper invoices to find errors
  • creating e-invoice receipts
  • PO receipt for supplier invoices

Our approach to invoice processing

Whenever you approach us for financial services, we take a systematic approach to delivering the service. It is our years of experience in the field that allows us to streamline the process. First, we receive the invoice, and then we process it and send it to the customer. We thoroughly check your information on the invoice to ensure accuracy. We also involve you in the process for valuable suggestion.

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