3d Floor Plan

Real estate buyers look for floor plan just like images of the property. It is true that the images of property seem to whet the appetite of buyers, but they also need actual information like exact size of the rooms, the layout of the rooms in the plans, the way the living spaces tend to interconnect. All such information may be gathered through an elaborate 3D floor plan.

We can help your clients to gain an actual look at the property with our 3D floor plan services. Outsourcing Desk has more than 10 years of experience in the field of creating 2D and 3D floor plans. We can make your property visually appealing and give buyers different details of the project.

They will know the exact dimension and layout of the property. When you have a property website, besides adding images of living area, bedrooms, gardens, garages, you also need to include the floor plan images.

Without such images, the information will be incomplete. Your clients will have a far better understanding of the space. You may be wondering about the floor conversion services we deliver at Outsourcing Desk. 

Here we have the team of expert and skilled CAD professionals to create detailed floor plans for your clients’ kind perusal.

   The floor plans will be detailed, scaled, accurate and created from the photographs and drawings provided by you. You may use our detailed 3D floor plan as a marketing tool and print online brochures. 

24X7 hours of services

Our experts offer round the clock services and quick turnaround time. You will have affordable and low-cost floor plans that might be used for your marketing campaigns

Outsourcing Desk has great experience in the field and caters to clients of various verticals and backgrounds. Some of the verticals include fashion industry, automobile industry, publishing houses, electronics and real estate.

We are a preferred choice for our clients for the following reasons:

  • Scale drawings of your floor plans

We have CAD experts to scale floor plans to supplement the existing 360-degree virtual tours or may be easily incorporated within the brochure and online catalog. Through our scale drawing assistance, your prospective clients will be able to get complete information on the property that they are looking for.

  • The drawings in multiple formats

We are capable of providing the floor plan conversion in varied formats such as PDF, JPG, and DWG. Thus, you may market your property by using it for any media.

What can you expect?

By outsourcing services to us, you may expect the following:

  • 98% accuracy in all the real estate projects as everything will be done as per your needs
  • A brilliant team of CAD designers having more than 10 years of experience in the field
  • Outstanding turnaround time no matter how many projects
  • A careful management of your projects with complete confidentiality

For a superior quality output, affordable pricing, get in touch with us now.