PPC Services

Looking for a reliable and trustworthy PPC service provider? Outsourcing Desk is the chief name in the realm of pay per click advertising services. In the entire web promotion industry, PPC is the buzz word. PPC gives you more accurate results than any other form of general online advertisement. We can act as your best advertising host to accommodate your advertising needs. You just need to pay for the clicks received by you.

Having more than 100 PPC experts, we have allowed businesses of more than 50 countries to attain targeted and measurable website traffic. Our professional team puts a consistent effort to deliver you the best results. To attain targeted leads from Day-1, you may get in touch with us. With us, you may use the power of PPC ads with restricted ad spends and much-advanced analytics for best performance of the business assets.

We are the Google Premier Partner among the 4000 other firms. We are given the 60th ranking. Check our portfolio of works and projects accomplished in the past. We have a long history of successful completion of PPC campaigns. If you are looking for the best PPC services, you can approach us now.

Our range of PPC services

  • Search Advertising is the first and foremost PPC help we offer. We have Google PPC experts to help you drive more leads. Our experts have great experience in SEM, search advertising to meet your business objectives.
  • If you want more power by way of phenomenal reach, you may take display advertising services. We have the expertise and great experience in managing your budget. Through this service, we can help you generate more lead, create brand awareness and help you reach out to your target audiences. We will use attractive display ads and compelling banners to showcase your ads. They will be displayed on Yahoo Network, Google Display Network, and other portals.

What do we offer?

Within our PPC services, we include Ad Text Creation, keyword selection or discovery, bid management, a complete optimization of landing pages.

All through the process of delivering PPC services, we constantly monitor the PPC campaign. We recommend strategic keywords, manage the bids, report your performance and deliver exceptional PPC copywriting.

With our pay per click assistance and digital marketing services, you will get targeted results.  

  • Social media advertising is our specialty. Social media is a powerful advertising tool which can help you to reach out to a greater number of audiences.
  • Remarketing is another service we offer whereby the visitors to your site will be shown your ads. If the visitor clicks the remarketing ad, it implies that the user is interested in your site.
  • If you wish to place your product ads at the top of the Google, you may choose us for Google Shopping ads. For the better product listing ads on Google, choose our experts
  • With the advent of the Smartphone, mobile advertising has become a popular advertising mode. We have the team of experts who excel in understanding mobile-usage behavior and pattern, call tracking, extending mobile ads to desktops, tablets, and other devices