Customer Service Virtual Assistant

If you want to retain your customers, you need to provide good customer care services. No matter what your business is about, offering a good customer care service is important. With the technological innovation and growing competition in the business world, corporations recognize the importance of outsourcing customer service. You can utilize your time in improving products and services while leaving the task of customer service on us.

Outsourcing Desk is a global leader in providing virtual assistants for customer service. Right from making customer inquiries, processing orders, managing inventories, and our virtual assistants for customer service can cover all. We are capable of running your entire business on your behalf with the team of virtual assistants for customer service.

When it comes to any e-commerce business, it is important to pay attention to the needs of the customers. At Outsourcing Desk, we can handle this part of the work while care for your customers in the same way as you would do.

Every VA for customer service has at least 4 years of experience in handling inbound campaigns. They have been working in the call center industry for years. They bear a strong skill in a variety of areas like:

  • Outstanding listening and communication skills
  • Good knowledge about the products
  • Amazing persuasion skills
  • Great patience level and empathy
  • can manage conflict and resolve them

Our range of customer care service

If you choose a professional from our end for customer service, you may expect to get the following services:

  • Customer service inquiry
  • order processing
  • Accurate data entry
  • shopping cart management
  • following up on the calls
  • prepare invoices
  • account management
  • refund processing
  • discount coupon admin

Features of our services

When you hire our VA for customer service, the following features in the service can be noticed:

  • VA gets integrated into your business seamlessly. So, if you assign an email, he/she can operate cloud-based software
  • We use client dashboard to let you know the various activities of your chosen VA. So, you may efficiently manage your account while keeping a check on the activities of the VA
  • Round the clock service even if you move out for a vacation or are absent due to sickness. There will be back up to help cover such times
  • 100% satisfaction is guaranteed while you run your business with a complete peace of mind
  • You have access to our team for additional services whenever you need. You may choose us for web projects as well
  • A complete onboard support will be provided. Regular check-ins to enable a long-term success of your business