Call Center Training Process

Our country is a preferred destination for outsourcing call center services. We have educated English speaking graduates who can proficiently operate a computer. They are tech-savvy, proficient in handling computers and software. Global companies can tap into this potential to benefit their firms.

If you choose Outsourcing Desk for all your call center service needs, you will enjoy significant cost savings of up to 50%. Apart from this, high-quality services, the use of state-of-the-art technology is assured.

By employing the best tools and best-in-the-class technology, we help firms to boost their return on investment and improve their competitiveness. We follow a very rigorous recruitment process whereby we also offer intensive training to those candidates who are selected as call center service providers. This is done to make sure you get the best services.

Our call center training process is extremely rigorous. During this process, we equip the professionals with necessary skills.

It is structured into various levels whereby the training starts from primary industry focus and moves onto specific company’s focus.

At last, there is a sharp focus on specific process to cater to the needs of our clients, We at Outsourcing Desk train the professionals.

Level 3 training

After the professional has mastered the language, communication skills and had all the industry knowledge, we move forward and acquaint him with the clients’ products. He gets a knowledge of the product, attains training in sales and then after a series of tests, we provide a certificate. The trainee is supposed to give several demonstrations that constitute mock calls, role-playing to attain the certificate.

This is done so that you get the best services from them.

Our level 1 training

When it comes to level-1 training, it has several parts and components. They include an introduction to customer service and telemarketing, cultural sanitization. In the meanwhile, the trainee has also imparted the knowledge of this industry. In the end, the trainee can perform proficiently.

Level 2 training

At Level 2 training, we focus on orientation, training for accent, conversational skills and listening skills. All throughout level-2, we try to improve the English skills of the person so that he communicates effectively.

Why choose us for call center services?

With rigorous training process, we grow, develop and hone the skills of our agents in call center services. Hence they become experienced, certified, motivated, exceptionally trained, customer friendly and gain the language skills. So, in the end, they can proficiently communicate with your customers.

Every agent at our end needs to undergo customer care training process and has to appear for a series of examinations. The training process encompasses various aspects like customer etiquette training, technical knowledge, and accent training.

Through our training process, the agent learns how to communicate effectively. In the meanwhile, he also acquires team building skills.

At all levels of training, we put forward minimum eligibility. They need to have a college education, perfect voices for effective communication and English speaking skills.

We at Outsourcing Desk offer 24X7 hours of superior call center services at affordable rates. Call us now.