End-To-End Account Payable Processing

Efficient account payable service or AP processes may help to optimize a company’s working capital, prolong cash saving initiative, and enable the management of supplier relationship on a long-term basis. All such things may maximize profit for any organization and help it to thrive in this rapidly changing difficult economy.

Outsourcing Desk accounts payable solutions imbibe process rigor with cutting edge technology, outstanding transformation solutions, and analytics to drive in higher impact by allowing efficient accounts payable function.

Our accounts payable solutions and services encompass end-to-end processes that include management of document, scanning of document, invoice processing, help desk and disbursement, resolution management, month-end internal and external reporting.

Our Accounts Payable services are focused on completely transforming the payment activity of our customers by automating document management processes. We can help manage every transaction relating to accounts payable, assist in exception resolution, and eliminate duplication or disbursement. We give you an opportunity to outsource the full or part of accounts payable functions.

Our accounts payable outsourcing service can give you access to the skill set of staffs and cutting-edge technology without any need to buying that expensive software for accounts management. By adopting industry best practices, we tend to reduce discrepancies by complying with Sarbanes-Oxley. So, you will have much better control over your finances for greater profitability.

Our Range Of Ap Solutions And Services

At Outsourcing Desk, we provide a range of financial services relating to accounts payable. Some of the end-to-end solutions you may expect are:

  • Data capture including data sorting, batch preparation, indexing of documents, document scanning, document storage, retrieval, and auditing. We can scan invoices and give you 100% accessibility.
  • Data processing services that include data approval and data exception routing. With us, you may shorten the closing process in the month-end.
    Auditing and control mechanism to curb the risk of data duplication or duplicate payments. We offer both manual and automated data entry services, database matching in a three-way, invoice processing.

Disbursement Services

Disbursement services whereby we manage the various aspects of the payments to reduce floating cost for our clients. We can print, distribute, secure and maintain the checks, handle return check, electronic payment, and special invoices.

Some of the other AP solutions you may expect from Outsourcing Desk are the preparation of accounts payable report, processing travel expenses, manage utility bill, tax reporting, and customer service. We follow state-of-the-art work process and move in a series of steps:

  • Receipt of an electronic invoice from the customer
  • Processing and routing come next. Here we process invoice document and route them as per the agreed rules of the business
  • Data and image capture stage whereby documents are stored in the form of images.
  • Disbursement and archiving of invoices whereby we upload the approved invoice to the A/P system of our client. Then, we post invoice to the General Ledger

Efficiency and greater accuracy are assured with us. We adhere to industry’s best practices to deliver the best. So, you may confidently outsource accounts payable to us. To provide you prompt responses and cater to your needs, we deliver 24X7 hours of customer service.